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About Us

Our Story

Laetis is a contemporary designer brand with high quality and bold aesthetic taste. Inspired by architecture and geometry, it offers handmade accessories created by using sculptural capacities of leather. Laetis brings together craftsmanship and new age elegance with innovative design.

Laetis aims to create an object of art, for exposition, feel and wear. The designs show their uniqueness through surface work, a leather so smooth, attractive to the sight, touch and smell. The signature of the designs is pillow-like strips with high-end finishing.

It is all about the design that an individual would like to carry as a concrete part of his or her spirit in harmony.

Mission & Name

We are a design company dedicated to create unique and inspiring designs that help our customers show their individuality, feel confident, stylish, and empowered. With a focus on quality, functionality, and sustainability, we strive to engage our customers' senses and create meaningful pieces that they will cherish for years to come.

Laetis means “joy” in Latin, from which the name of our designer Letisya derives. With her sculptural, artwork-like designs, Letisya aspires to give joy to each customer. She also seeks to form experimental, distinctive pieces and to ingrain her designs with the best quality craftsmanship.

Production & Sustainability

Laetis offers artisanal savoir-faire with the new technology of leather design and modern sensibility. We partner with local artisans who put a lot of care and passion into each item. Our hardware accesories are crafted specially for our designs with brass material with a brushed finish. We use a special filling material from Italy for the perfect feeling.

SUSTAINABILITY Laetis is a slow fashion brand. We aim to create a high quality product with a heritage value which can last for generations. We support ethical sourcing. We only use co-production leather and we are highly against to use any exotic animal leather. We believe that we are in this together with our partners so it is very important for us to make a fair trade. We make sure that we choose our partners who believe in the same philosophy.


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